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Implement Surveys in the Comment and Suggestion Section of Your Website

When people visit the Comments and Suggestions page of your website, they are usually there because they already have something to share with you, whether it be their positive or negative experience. Having a private survey link posted in this section is a great way for you to collect the information they want to share in an easier and concise way for you to measure and analyze. How can you use Tellwut’ survey software to accomplish that? Tellwut’s survey software allows business users to create private surveys that will only be available to the people you want to contact, in this case, the people visiting your website to leave feedback or comments. You can build a survey and set it up to be private, so that only people who click on this link will participate in the survey. (For more information on where to find your private survey link when creating a survey, please click here.) If you already have or are planning on adding a Comments and Suggestions section to your website, you can take advantage of gathering more information and data from your stakeholders and include a survey link. How can you benefit from adding a survey to your Comments and Suggestions Online Drop Box? Comments and Suggestions from stakeholders in the form of an email/ open text can definitely provide you with deep insights about how people feel about your company, website, customer service, products, or even provide you with valuable ideas. However, surveys allow you collect not only the qualitative data that an email or comment can offer but they would also allow you to collect quantitative data. A combination of quantitative and qualitative data collected through a survey make it easier to keep track of trends or ongoing issues and allows you to keep the information in a more organized manner. With all of that being said, posting a link to your private survey onto the Comments and Suggestions page of your website will not harm but only help you stay up to date with your business environment and improve overall!   To join our business e-newsletter list and get new business ideas, special discounts, consumer insights, and much more, click here. Happy Surveying!