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It’s Important to Test Your Online Survey. Why? - Here is the answer.

Before launching your next online survey, you need to consider testing your survey response rate, questionnaire wording, estimate and analyze dropout rate, survey length and timing. Thorough study of this matter can help you achieve more adequate results, as well as more precise response, and later on better analysis of the onlinesurvey results. How can you do all of that? This four-point checklist that will help you guide yourself through the tasks necessary to test your online survey: 1. You need to select a small sample from your targeted respondent group. Doing that will help you figure out how many survey invitations you would need to send to reach your needed survey sample without having to spend extra. You can easily do that by looking at the number of answers you receive out of your test sample group. HOW TO CALCULATE RESPONSE RATE: If you send out an online survey to 100 people, look at the amount of people that actually completed your survey. If that number is 25. That means that your response rate is 25%. Therefore, if you need 500 people for your quota, then, you would need to send it out to approximately 2000 people. 2. It takes a lot of thought and rewriting of the survey questions before you have the final wording ready for a launch. Also, providing well-rounded survey question responses is essential. That is why, testing your survey by sending it out to your potential survey respondent/test group would be beneficial. If possible it would be also good to also discuss your wording with them and the answers provided so that you would make sure that you have all the options available. 3. You don’t want frustrated survey participants dropping out in the middle of your survey because of confusing questions, a survey that is too long, or software difficulty. Therefore, looking into the dropout rate would be beneficial. If it is too high, then, you would need to see where the problem is and fix it in time. If it is very low, you may be able to squeeze in some more questions that you had in mind before. HOW TO CALCULATE DROPOUT RATE: You can calculate the dropout as a percentage rate that you can find by dividing the amount of participants that have gotten into the survey but did not complete it by the total number of the test sample group. 4. To improve the amount of completes you can also decide what type of a reward people might be interesting to them and offer it as an award that can be a gift card per complete, a random draw for all participants, or anything else depending on the situation. Also, you can try working more on personalizing the survey and naming it with a title that matters to the survey participants as well as explain the reason for this survey and the length so that they would be prepared for what to expect prior to starting the survey. PROJECT SURVEY TESTING DONE! Do you need more sample panel? We can provide it to you. Get a quote!