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Tellwut Online Survey Finds 16% Are Feeling Very Down This January 2014

Tellwut presented the “8 Secrets Never to Keep in a Relationship” as per Cari Wira Dineen, Redbook, Dec 30, 2013 and asked in an online survey, regardless of these items being a secret, which items are an issue to respondents. 34% of over 4,500 online panelists indicated that none of the items on the list applied while feeling very down applied to 16% and being sexually dissatisfied applied to 11%. Interestingly women were 21% more likely to feel very down and men were 40% more likely to be sexually dissatisfied. 9% said that something in their past had come back to haunt them and 9% said that someone close to them had said something they resented and they have not been able to tell the offending party. This later point was a far bigger issue for women than men. Though 6% said they drink alone, men were almost 2 times more likely to do so. Last on the list were that 6% have maxed out their credit cards, 5 percent have a diet that’s gone too extreme and 4% have confided in their friends or children about something that they should have shared with a partner. January is known for the blues; less daylight, grey weather and after holiday stress, which can often lead to feeling down. As per respondent’s comments “Keep a secret and it doubles, share it and splits in half”, “…look in the mirror and say I am important, I am important 10 times and after a couple of days you will feel better” and “…just go one day at a time.” All important mantras to overcome those feelings of being very down and if that does not work, seek help.