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Online Survey Finds 42% Regularly Purchase Scented Candles

42% of Tellwut online survey members purchase scented candles on a regular basis while 58% do not. Per one Tellwutter “there are 3 people in my family that are asthmatic and so don't usually burn things. I usually will opt to get an all-natural room spray or instead although I do like the smell of some of scented candles though.” We also asked if panel members would enjoy receiving a scented candle as a gift. 60% of survey takers said they would welcome it; as leannecara stated “I don't purchase candles regularly but I do like to receive them occasionally as a gift for Christmas.” Now that the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, scented candles are the perfect accent piece to add some warmth to a home. You can transform a space with a scent which can feel like going back in time to a place or even a person. Tellwut panel member cnwarner commented on the scent of fresh brewed tea; “A sudden memory came back to me, and I said, "Mom?" You see, my mom was famous for her love of tea and when I was a child, our home constantly smelled of freshly brewed tea.” We asked online survey takers what their favourite scented candle was. The top three answers were vanilla with 27%, lavender with 19%, and apple with 10% which narrowly side swept fresh laundry. The least desired scent was chocolate which captured only 4% of the vote. We also asked the panel if the name of a candle would have any impact on their purchasing decision. 28% of Tellwut online survey members said that if a candle had an unsavory or unpleasant sounding name that they would not make the purchase. Flick Candles, who brand themselves as classy candles for classless people produce candles with names such as ‘Nicotine Pumpkin Patch’, and ‘Fantasy Football Failure’. They have even introduced some new politically inspired named candles such as ‘Bernie Sandalwood’ and ‘Chris Christie Cream Pie.’ Tellwut member nvrstop888 commented that a uniquely named candle would peak their interest and “it would influence my decision to WANT the candle!”