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Online survey finds 58% think governments should do more for Syrian Refugee Crisis

In a recent Tellwut online survey 58% of people think that their government can do more to help to refugees, while 42% feel that their government is doing enough to help people who are trying to escape their native country due war, persecution or natural disaster. Just14me comments “Canada, as well as other countries cannot be responsible for all the atrocities that occur in foreign countries, but i feel there must be an obligation to do our utmost to remedy and provide a solution to much of the inhumane practices that exist especially in the Middle East. Unfortunately as long as we have Stephen Harper at the helm of our society, I fear this will never come to fruition.” Lovisa, a panel member from the United States had expressed similar words of empathy, “We need to cut back on the me-first outlook and remember that we are ALL members of a global community that can succeed if we work together.” Slycke1 had an individualist critique of the situation, “Sorry--I don't think the US SHOULD care about every person in the World. And--who appointed us the "World's policeman?" In early September 2015 the lifeless body of Alan Kurdi, a Kurdish toddler caught in the Syrian refugee crisis, was found on the shores of Bodrum Turkey. The boy had drowned after the small inflatable boat he and his family were aboard had capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. The iconic images of his body being cradled by a Turkish policeman, captured by Turkish photojournalist Nilüfer Demir, were splashed across the world stage – headlines and front pages prominently displayed the devastating pictures which all rang out with the same sympathetic tone of exasperation. In the age of posting, re-tweeting and re-gramming, the photographs of Alan were able to reach the masses, we asked online survey takers if they thought it was correct for people to post such graphic images on social media – 42% felt that it was correct and that it provided a wake up call to society while 58% felt that people should not be subjected to horrific images and they can search them out on their own. Susanbs comments, “I felt horrible about this when I heard it on the news. I didn't need this graphic image. I got out of the video about 5 seconds in.” Jkbeans had an opposite viewpoint “Yes sometimes people need to be shaken. This is what is happening and you can't bury your head in the sand. You can't pretend horrible things don't happen. RIP”