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Tellwut Online Survey Panel Election Watch – Clinton Gains a 4 Point Lead to 8 Points Over Trump After Video Tape Release

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In an online survey poll of over 2,000 members conducted by Tellwut over the period of October 10-16, Tellwut found that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's lead has increased by 4 points to give her an 8 point lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Tellwut has been surveying its members weekly in the lead up to the November 8th, 2016 US Presidential Elections and has found a swell in favor of Clinton who moved from a four point lead to an 8 point lead over Trump. This increase in the polling results favoring Clinton by a wider margin comes after the second Presidential Debate and the release of the video clip from 2005 in which Trump is seen making lewd comments to Billy Bush about his failed encounter with Arianne Zucker. Tellwut’s online survey of American voters also found that the undecided remained the same at 15% though those Americans with no plans to vote shifted up from 9% to 11%. As Tellwutter member Daddyduck says of this election fraught with darkness “Many of us may well go into the polling booth and make our selection while holding a barf bag.” From a demographic stand point, Tellwut found that among men there was only a 5 point gap between Clinton and Trump and that Clinton was favored significantly by the 18-34 age group. 16% of Millennial’s (18-34) said they had no plan to vote versus only 7% of the 50+ group wanting to abstain from voting in this upcoming election.

Tellwut also delved into Americans psyche, asking how many Americans had switched their vote during the campaign and how many vote along party lines no matter whom the candidate. Survey results found that 2 percent each had switched their vote from Clinton to Trump or Trump to Clinton during the campaign. Eight percent of Democrats and 7% Republicans said that they vote along party lines no matter who the candidate is.

In addition to polling for the next Commander and Chief of the US, Tellwut polls for the top issues and found no change in the ranking from the last few weeks top issues. Tellwut's US panelists ranked top issues as health care, the economy and terrorism, with social security and immigration coming in at a close fourth and fifth. Women put health care slightly ahead of the economy, with men placing the economy ahead of health care. Keep an eye out for next week's election watch from Tellwut.