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Tellwut Online Survey Finds 65% Feel “Selfies with Homeless People” Offensive

According to the Oxford Dictionary a selfie is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. In 2013 it was their word of the year and, since then the terminology has mutated into a laundry list of subgenres from the hilarious, ‘belfie’ (butt selfie) to the macabre funeral selfie. The newest form of selfie to take the social media world by storm are ‘selfies with homeless people’ – the steps are simple, position yourself in front of an unsuspecting homeless person (usually in a compromising position) and snap away. 65% of Tellwut panel members find this to be an insensitive form of self expression, commenting that it is rude, distasteful and even disgusting. One commenter noted, “Technology has produced a large culture of self-centered youngsters.” In related news a Fort Lauderdale senior along with two pastors were arrested for feeding the homeless in a local park. A Tellwut online survey on the topic found 91% of Tellwutters believe that this law is ludicrous, one stating, “I think this new law is atrocious and Fort Lauderdale should do something to help these people instead of arresting those who actually care and are trying to help them.” The ordinance passed on October 22nd prohibits groups to feed the hungry on public property unless they have permission of property owners and on the condition that they provide portable toilets. 65% of Tellwutters said that they would find another way to help the less unfortunate if this law was passed in their city. Earlier this year a woman from Daytona Beach was ticketed for a comparable offence and similarly enough 70% of Tellwut panel members sided with the woman. Many Tellwut online panel members were perplexed by this law, however some were sympathetic towards property owners, one member said, “we have to respect the law, because we do not know who the good or bad guy is. There are others ways to help the homeless.” There are an estimated 300 000 homeless individuals living across Canada according to the website - homelesshub. To help the homeless in your community you can donate to your local City Harvest or Habitat for Humanity.