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77% of Tellwut Panel Members Admit to Buying Themselves Gifts

It’s that time of year again, chestnuts are roasting on open fires, Jack Frost is busy nipping at your nose, and we are lovingly showering presents upon our loved ones. Whether you’re waking up early on Christmas morning, or gathering around a brightly lit menorah, or even sitting around an aluminum Festivus poll, gifts are a key word in the month of December. As the old adage goes it is better to give than to receive, but how about if you’re ‘giving’ to yourself? In a recent Tellwut online survey, 77% of Tellwut panel members admit to buying themselves a gift with 18% even going as far as wrapping their gifts to open at a later date. The hedonistic practice of self gifting isn’t a new phenomenon however pop culture has given it revitalized outlook and a new coining known colloquially as ‘Treating Yo’ Self’. On a 2011 Parks and Recreation episode called “Pawnee Rangers” two of the main characters engage in a “Treat Yourself” day – they partake in this annual event, of gluttony and merriment, stressing that ‘treating yourself’ can and should be done in a way that provides joy to the participant. On the topic of gifts, December is also a hot month for re-gifting – re-gifting is the act of re-purposing a gift given to you, and masquerading it as a brand new gift to bestow upon someone else. Re-gifting has become a dirty word around holiday time however for some people it is both a time and cost effective measure, one member said, “Re-gifting is a way to give someone something I couldn't afford to if I had to buy it”. Is there anything morally wrong with it? Not necessarily, however according to a Tellwut online survey 34% of the Tellwut base think that it is a rude practice while 50% think it is perfectly acceptable, with the remainder being undecided. Some would argue that re-gifting is helping to strengthen the three environmental R’s – reuse, reduce and most importantly, recycle. While others argue that it lacks in thought, one especially passionate Tellwut community member said, “Re-gifting is really scummy. It is a signal of a lack of respect for others and for yourself. If you don't want something that was given to you then donate it to charity or just give it to someone without making a big show of wrapping it up like it is something you have especially selected for them.” What do you think?