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Survey results indicate that 12% of voters polled would pay to date George Clooney

Are celebrities truly that glamorous that the average person wants to date them? Apparently George Clooney thinks so as he has decided to auction himself off in order to raise money for a charity. All that a George Clooney fan would have to do is donate $10 to the charity that Clooney is working with and hope that their name will be picked once the draw is held. The winner of the prize will not only get to spend one on one time with Mr. Clooney, but they will also accompany him to two events: Interview for The Late Show With David Letterman and a red carpet event for his new movie The Monuments Men. Although the money is going to a good cause, one must question whether people are actually willing to donate their hard earned cash in order to spend time with the man who has been termed “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine. In order to find out panel members opinions on the idea of celebrity auctions, Tellwut polled their panel base to find out panel members thoughts about shelling out money to spend time with a celebrity. When presented with the question as the whether they would donate money to date Mr. Clooney, survey results indicated that out of the 3,000 panel members who voted, only a few voters 15% were willing to donate money to go on a date and spend time with Clooney. In contrast, 73% of voters did not want to donate money in order to go on a date with Clooney, while 13% remained undecided. This is interesting as the survey results indicated that Clooney was viewed in positively among voters, as the majority of panel members 58% voted that they were fans of the actor; whereas, 28% of panel members who voted that they were not fans of Clooney and 14% of voters were undecided. When asked whether panel members feel that Clooney is deserving of his ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ status, results indicate that 40% of panel members believe that Clooney is deserving of the title, while 33% of voters do not think that Clooney is deserving of the title. The remaining 27% of voters are undecided regarding this question. From observing the survey results, it is apparent that although celebrities may be adored and glamorized in the media, they are not necessarily viewed as being the ideal mate for the average person.