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Private Surveys- As Private As You Want Them!

Private surveys can be a great tool that you can utilize to collect and organize insights about your business. Besides the Tellwut voter base, you can focus on reaching out to your most relevant group of people, namely your stakeholders. Private surveys allow you to ask questions that you have always wanted to ask the people within your business environment, be it customers, employees, vendors, affiliates, suppliers, or partners. Why not all of them? Because Tellwut has two sides of our business, the crowdsourced market research panel side and the business solutions survey side we are able to offer business clients the option of making their surveys private or public. If you choose to go with a public survey, you will be asking questions to the Tellwut voter member audience. While if you choose your survey to be private, it would be visible only to the people who have access to your private survey link, like your stakeholders. Wondering where to find the private link option? It is located under the “Actions” column beside the survey you have created. Access your account and under your surveys you will see the icon to select for the private survey link. Take a look below. private link After you copy it, you can share it on your social media platform; send it out to your clients, employees, and anyone else who will be able to provide you with valuable feedback. Tellwut software provides you also with the ability to choose the visibility of your survey results.
  • You can set the survey results as OPEN; making them visible to everyone prior to taking the survey
  • You can set them up as KNOCK; allowing survey takers to see the results after they have completed the survey.
  • You can set them up as CLOSED; allowing the survey takers to see the results after the survey is no longer live and able to be answered.
  • You can set them up as PRIVATE; only the survey creator will be able to see the live results.
The choice is all yours but if you need help, just contact your Tellwut Account Rep! Happy Surveying!