Need the opinion of a focus group? – Market Research Provides you with That Option

Business Blogging 05/16/2013
When you decide to conduct market research with Tellwut, our software provides you with the option of sorting and surveying the demographics that matter most to your product, service, brand, etc. You select your survey participants and only they have access to your survey. After your survey is complete, Tellwut provides you with the “Advanced Report” that includes detailed insights valuable to you when making decisions about your business.

Now, wondering why we have so many Tellwut voters for you to choose from? Well, it is not only because we are fun but also because Tellwut members get rewarded every time when they take a survey. Moreover, when they take your business surveys they get even more Tellwut reward points. The Tellwut panel members also receive Tellwut points when they provide their demographic information including age, location, education level, yearly income, type of residence, (rent or own), marital status, ethnicity, occupation, and whether or not they have children). Tellwut stores that information is a database from which you can extract demographic information that is relevant to your particular business needs.


Tellwut is able to supply you with the following demographic information:


  • Gender: Male or Female

  • Age: Our software does not provide you with preselected ranges like 20-25, 26-30, etc. You have full freedom of deciding the voters’ age range.

  • Location: USA or Canada.

  • Education: Some High School, High School Graduate, College Graduate, Graduate School.

  • Yearly Income: 0-30K, 30-60K, 60-100K, 100K+

  • Residence: Own, Rent, Live with Family/ Relatives.

  • Marital Status: Single, Married.

  • Ethnicity: White, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, American Indian/Alaskan Native/First Nations

  • Occupation: Full-Time Employment, Part-Time Employment, Self-Employed, Retired, Student.



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