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Survey Research or Market Research for Your Small Business – Tellwut Allows You to Get the Best of Both Worlds!

As a small or medium sized business owner, you may be wondering how you can benefit from Survey Research and Market Research and what the best approach is for your business. This blog will help you understand the difference between both and learn some of the pros and cons of conducting a survey research versus market research for your small or medium sized business. So let’s get started!   ONLINE SURVEY RESEARCH Online survey research is the “quick and dirty” way to better understanding your business environment via large sample of people without knowing the voter profile or choosing the demographics your business likely targets. Technology has allowed communicating with and receiving feedback from thousands of people within a small period of time possible by conducting surveys online. The Tellwut survey software has all of these benefits plus the ability to promote your business by branding your surveys and by including survey exit links to your social media websites, website or promotions. Take advantage of these options here: Tellwut survey software. Overall, online survey research is a great alternative to the online market research when you don’t have the time or funds to conduct a thorough online market research. Now, you are probably wondering what the negatives of conducting survey research would be. A couple of them are the risks that come along with voters verification and if the truthfulness of the results. The Tellwut’s survey software protects the panel integrity and ensures safe and quality presence of the voters. There are tools that our system uses to guarantee that voters exist only once in our system and people who try to cheat get disqualified. In addition, as mentioned above, survey research does not allow you to reach out to a specific group of people (focus group). With survey research, you will gain knowledge about the perception of a sampled group that represents variety of demographics. However, if you believe that you need to survey a specific group of people because, for example, your business has a niche market or because your major client demographics is women, you may want to take advantage of the market research. To read our blog on market research click here. To join our business e-newsletter list and get new ideas, special discounts, consumer insights, and much more, click here.