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Top 5 tips to maximize earnings on Tellwut

Top 5 tips to maximize earnings on Tellwut

Have you ever wondered how to optimize your time on Tellwut to maximize earnings through surveys? If yes, we hope this article will further help.

We have 2 types of surveys to chose from: member generated surveys and external or third party surveys. The member generated surveys are a great way to engage with the tellwut community and participate in fun polls that satisfy curiosity, but they're not as rewarding from a $$$ perspective. To build a strong balance that allows you to redeem fast, external surveys are the ones that pay.

You can take external surveys from your email's inbox or from "Available Surveys" tab in your online account on Tellwut.

Tip #1: Keep your profile information up to date and as detailed as possible!

Your profile information is ultimately the critical piece of information that helps us match the best surveys to you. The more detailed your profile information, the better! Surveys that are looking for harder to find profiles usually pay more and having the differentiating information makes it easy for us to prioritize those surveys to you. Your information is safe with us so while we offer "Prefer not to answer" option in the profile information, we would use actual information for matching surveys. Particularly your household income as this is one of the most common demographic criteria that our external surveys request and you'll miss out on many if you do not provide this information or update it as required.

Tip #2: Top survey is the best match!

On Available Surveys menu in your account, we prioritize surveys fit for your profile based on the probability you might qualify. We do this by matching the information we get from our clients about the profile needed for each particular survey and the information you share with us in your profile. We try to update in real-time the needs for each study so that when a study is closed, we stop showing it to you in that tab. Refreshing this page every so often will allow you to have the most recent update with the surveys easiest to qualify at the top.

Tip #3: Click that link email quickly!

We email you surveys we know are performing well. We sort through all the surveys and when one of them is performing remarkably, we send emails to the members who fit that profile and opted to receive emails from us. These surveys fill quickly so the faster you are in clicking those links in the email, the better chance you stand to qualify. Don't worry though, if the survey has closed we'll show you another.

Tip #4: "Feeling lucky?"

If you're into simplicity, you can also take surveys from a  link which you can find in emails we send twice a day with the subject line containing "Check Out What's Available!" The link format is this type:{string}. It works in a similar fashion to Google's "I feel lucky" button where it actually directs you to the survey with the highest probability to qualify. The {string} part in the link is unique to you alone. Once you find that link in the email, you can bookmark it for easy access. This link focuses strictly on the probability of your qualifying to the survey.

Tip #5: Incremental gains

We offer a wide range of surveys thanks to our partners and clients. However, it is likely some users will be able to go through everything in their available survey list if they wanted to in one sitting. Coming back the next day will see that list of surveys refreshed so making a habit of taking surveys whenever you have free time will increase your earnings for sure! Are you taking public transport to work? Are you waiting for someone? Are you sitting on the toilet browsing through social media feeds? Are you wondering what else to do today? Hop on Tellwut and take a survey! You'll earn money and most likely find a fun survey to spark a conversation.


Before you go, please take this survey about your preferences for maximizing earnings so that we can further tailor your experience on the platform. 


If you find this type of information useful, please let us know in the comments below. Share on Social Media if any of your friends could find this information useful! On Tellwut we help you influence brands and earn money by taking online surveys. Log in to your account to continue earning or sign-up if you're not yet a member.