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Tellwut CA Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points -February 2 2024


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Tellwut News

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Most Canadians support banning cell phones in public schools: survey

The majority of Canadians would like to see cell phones not allowed in public schools, according to a survey by Narrative Research.

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Is it time to ditch sick note requirements?

Patients hate having to ask for them. Doctors don't like writing them. But some employers across the country still demand employees get a sick note in order to stay at home for one or more days of illness. Increasingly, some doctors and other health-care providers are taking a stand against them. They argue the notes shouldn't be required for minor illnesses, and have for years done little more than tie up an already overloaded health-care system. In 2020, the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) released a statement that advocated for sick note requirements from employers to be banned either by federal or provincial legislation, and encouraged employees to stay home to recover "if they do not feel they require acute medical assessment."

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Travis Kelce Voted the Football Star Americans Would Most Want as Their Neighbor

While Travis Kelce will soon vie for another Super Bowl victory, he’s already won the top spot on a list of the most desirable celebrity neighbors.

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Research reveals 1 out of 3 Americans thinks aliens live among us

One in three Americans thinks aliens are living among us in disguise, according to a new survey. The research of 1,000 Americans saw 37 percent say they feel aliens may already be present here on Earth. From sightings of 10-foot tall ‘aliens’ in Brazil to the recently refuted ‘extraterrestrial’ corpses found in Peru or the tourist board of Kentucky beaming messages to space to invite aliens to visit- the interest and debate around alien existence continues to fascinate. However, many remain unconvinced. Forty-one percent of those polled disagree with the notion that extraterrestrial life may be walking and talking among us, with the remainder unsure (22%).

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