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Tellwut CA Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points - February 3 2022


Tellwut News

Our weekly winner of 4000 points for participating in external surveys is Syl38!

EVERY attempt to participate in a third party survey OR complete one, will give you an entry into a WEEKLY draw for 4,000 points! The more surveys you try, you more chances to win!

Stay tuned for Tellwut 2.0 which is launching soon! Due to this, we won't have a February promotion but you will have different opportunities this month to earn more points! January Prediction winners will be announced next week.

45% with variable mortgages say they would have to sell in under 9 months

A registered massage therapist in Vancouver was recently reprimanded for using his clinic's database to send an email to patients criticizing the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and mandatory vaccination for health professionals. -CBC

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Conservatives press Liberals to toughen bail system for violent, repeat offenders

The Conservative party presented an opposition day motion in the House of Commons on Thursday morning that calls for stricter bail conditions for repeat offenders and for the government to repeal parts of Bill C-75. Passed into law back in 2019, that bill aimed to modernize the bail system and reduce the overrepresentation of racialized people in prison. The Conservatives are also demanding the government aim existing laws "so that those who are prohibited from possessing firearms and who are then accused of serious firearms offences do not easily get bail." Their motion comes amid a growing conversation about Canada's bail policy. Earlier this year, Canadian Police Association president Tom Stamatakis said there is a need for reforms to address the cases of violent offenders who engage in criminal activities repeatedly. Critics argue stricter rules around bail would jam up Canada's prison systems with people who have not yet been proven guilty and could violate Canadians' rights. -CBC News

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63% of young adults burned out — from being adults!

A new survey finds that the majority of Gen Zers and millennials (63%) claim they’re suffering from burnout because of all the adult responsibilities they now have on their plates. Moreover, a large portion of these young adults don’t even know how to carry out simple “adulting” tasks — like tying a tie or writing a check!

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3 in 4 travelers pick destinations based on food

Three in four Americans who have traveled in the last five years went for the food (74%), according to new research. A survey of 2,000 adults found that there’s still more to see — and eat. Respondents said that if they could visit any country based on their cuisine alone, they’d go to Italy, France, Spain and Japan. Seventy-four percent of those surveyed identify as “foodies” — someone who has a particular interest in food — more so than music lovers, bookworms, and

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