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Tellwut CA Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points - January 20 2022


Tellwut News

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Nearly half of Canadians think gambling ads have gotten out of hand

Just eight months after the Ontario government launched a regulated online gambling market in their province, Ontarians and Canadians alike are making more online bets than ever — and marketing for betting platforms has hit a fever pitch, from banner ads and billboards to primetime TV.

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Canadians are now stealing overpriced food from grocery stores with zero remorse

There has been a marked increase in social media users proudly declaring for all the world to see that they've been shoplifting from major Canadian grocery stores (or supporting those who do so) in retaliation against rampant "greedflation." Consumers are starting to lose patience as grocery prices rise far beyond the rate of inflation while corporate giants pull in record profits. Many appear to be of the mind right now that shoplifting is an appropriate response to what's been happening with grocery prices in Canada, and that consumers should avoid ratting on those who steal, as they may be in a desperate situation.

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Enjoying nature may lessen need for some medications, study finds

Going for a walk in a park or along a lake or a tree-lined space may reduce the need for medication for anxiety, asthma, depression, high blood pressure or insomnia, a new study found. -CNN

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Was 2022 a better year for you than 2021?

A 2021 Ipsos survey found that, on average, 77% of adults across 33 countries were optimistic that 2022 will be a better year for them than 2021, including 71% of Americans. Indeed, many in the United States and throughout the world looked at 2021 as having been “a bad year.” However, stated optimism about next year may just be reflexive as Americans and citizens of many other countries surveyed also expect 2022 to be marked by prices rising faster than incomes and by extreme weather. -Ipsos

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