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Tellwut CA Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points - July 22 2021


Tellwut News

**Tellwut will be down for maintenance on Sunday, July 24 from 1 AM EST to 12 PM (noon) EST. Once we are back up, if you notice any issues, please contact us at**

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Poll shows Canadians support COVID-19 vaccine boosters, but intake has stalled

A majority of Canadians remain supportive of COVID-19 vaccine booster doses to better protect themselves from the virus, a new poll shows — even though the number of people actually rolling up their sleeves for additional shots has stalled.-Global News

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Canadians can make a claim following a $29.7M settlement in a class-action lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit was settled in Canada on Tuesday for $29.7 million over the alleged price-fixing of certain optical disc drive (ODD) electronics, including DVD and Blu-Ray players, CD players, desktop computers and video game consoles. The lawsuit filed in B.C., Ontario and Quebec alleged that between Jan. 1, 2004 and Jan. 1, 2010 these ODD products were sold higher than their value, resulting in consumers and businesses spending more than they should have. Canadians can be paid a minimum of $20 per claim and do not require a proof of purchase. Those who wish to claim more than $20 will be required to provide a receipt, but the amount of money returned will be dependent on the number and size of claims filed from all Canadians.- CTV News

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Americans are willing to face fears to get their favorite food free for life

A survey of 2,000 U.S. adults found more than half said they love food more than anything and would marry their favorite food if it were a person. Many would also face their fears in order to get free food for life.-SWNS

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Five-second rule? Half of Americans would even eat food from floor after 10 seconds!

According to a new poll of 2,000 Americans, 44 percent follow the so-called “five second rule.” This common rule of thumb states that if you drop food on the floor, you have five seconds to pick it up and eat it without worrying about cleanliness. Depending on the scenario, 52 percent agree that there are some places they would extend the rule to 10 seconds. Those places include their own home (63%), a restaurant (55%), and a hospital or medical facility (55%).

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