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Tellwut CA Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points -June 28 2024


Happy Canada Day Long Weekend!

Get your sparklers ready! In celebration of Canada Day and the Fourth of July, we are offering 50 bonus points on all completed surveys from Saturday, June 29th to Sunday, July 7th! Click the link below between these dates to take your available surveys and score those extra points!

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Tellwut News

Tellwut will have limited support on Monday, July 1 and Thursday July 4 for the Canada Day/Fourth of July holidays. Please allow an additional 24 hours for us to reply to your emails and process orders on these dates.

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Oh Canada Day, eh?

Two-thirds of Canadians express pride in being Canadian, with only 11% indicating otherwise

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Official bilingualism in Canada a 'myth,' says new poll

A new poll reveals a stark divide between Quebec and the rest of Canada about whether the country should be bilingual. In a Léger poll conducted for The Canadian Press, only 43 per cent of respondents across Canada said they held a positive view of federal bilingualism — which was enshrined into law in 1969, making English and French Canada's official languages. However, in Quebec, 70 per cent of respondents said they view bilingualism positively. Asked whether it's important for Canada to remain officially bilingual, 83 per cent of Quebecers said it was; nearly half that number — 43 per cent — in the rest of Canada agreed.

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Nearly 2 in 3 say seeing their partner cleaning is a turn-on

A new survey of 2,000 adults, half of whom are in a relationship, revealed 69% of Americans say the simple act of seeing their partner clean is a turn-on.

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Multivitamin myth: Study shows no benefit to long-term health, longevity

Despite all the grumbling at the time, most Americans now look back upon pandemic-era policies as a good idea, a new poll shows. A majority of Americans see four key pandemic policies as "generally a good idea" in retrospect: Mask requirements in stores and businesses (70%), Healthcare worker vaccination requirements (65%) , Indoor dining closures (63%) and Closing public schools (56%) . Only 42% of Americans say all four policies a good idea, and another 37% say only some were a good idea. But only 20% say all those policies were "generally a bad idea," results show.

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