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Tellwut CA Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points - March 31 2022


Tellwut News

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Survey: How Canadians get their news

New data from Statistics Canada (via FYI Music News) shows how we Canadians tend to get our news. The information was gathered from a 2020 study called the General Social Survey on Social Identity. In a shock to no one, we tend to go to the internet most often with 80% of people getting their news from the internet.

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Biden calls out Canadian MPs who weren’t applauding women Cabinet members

Joe Biden called out some Canadian members of Parliament who failed to stand and applaud after he praised the US and Canada for having gender-equal cabinets. "We both built administrations that look like America and look like Canada. I'm very proud that both of us have cabinets that are 50% women for the first time in history," he continued. Those words caused people to start clapping and getting up out of their seats but not everyone gave a standing ovation. “Even if you don’t agree guys, I’d stand up,” Mr Biden quipped when his comment did not receive full-throated appreciation. Based on the seating plan for the House of Commons, it appears that the president was speaking to some Conservative MPs — including Pierre Poilievre — when he chastised people for not standing up. -YahooNews and Narcity.

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Best Musicals Of All Time: Top 5 Beloved Productions Most Recommended By Critics

From “The Sound of Music” to “West Side Story”, the stage is filled with big lights, dance and some of the best musicals of all time. Broadway shows have been inspiring generations with their incredible music, powerful messages, and timeless

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Cup Noodles’ new ramen flavor puts your breakfast cravings into a cup

Cup Noodles, the budget-friendly food company, has created a breakfast version of their instant ramen, which mixes together the flavors of sausage, maple syrup pancakes and eggs in a saucy texture designed to come to life with water. Aptly titled “Cup Noodles Breakfast,” the meal takes four minutes to cook in the microwave and results in a soup-based ramen that also contains “visible ingredients” of sausage and eggs. Eaters are encouraged by the company to customize it with hot sauce, more syrup or even rice. -CNN

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Join the Year of Joy!

We would like to offer you a gift of joy, which we are offering in collaboration with Art and Science of Joy!

The world we are living in is going through a massive transformation and we are, both individually and collectively facing many challenges. Joy may not be the answer to all our challenges, but we believe it can definitely help us not only cope, but also to thrive as new opportunities arise.

If you want to discover your own Recipe for Joy and build your own joy muscle, we warmly invite you to join the Year of Joy community via the link below. The community is free and will give you 52 weeks of inspiration and empowerment to build more joy into your own life, as well as to bring more joy into the lives of others!

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