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Tellwut CA Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points - May 12 2023


Tellwut News

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Man whose husband was denied wish to donate tissue in N.S. files human rights complaint

A Nova Scotia man has filed a federal human rights complaint alleging discrimination after his husband’s dying wish to donate bodily tissues such as skin and bones was denied due to his sexual orientation. -GlobalNews

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B.C. teaching assistant could be fired over OnlyFans account, district warns

A B.C. teaching assistant is currently in a battle with her school district over her social media posts. Kristin MacDonald previously started an OnlyFans account under a different name and said that as a single mother, the income from the account, which is subscriber-based, supplements her income as a teaching assistant, which she said is not enough to support her and her child. School District 43 said she was in violation of an article in the collective agreement and warned she could be fired. School District 43 would not comment on the matter. MacDonald explained OnlyFans is a consent-based platform and everyone has to have their identity verified to use it. She said a user also has to have a verified credit card and she never used her real name in her only profile. -GlobalNews

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Three in 10 Americans have tried to close the elevator door to leave someone behind

A recent YouGov poll about holding elevator doors got plenty of reactions on social media from people who had varying opinions about whether it’s acceptable to try to close the elevator door before someone can board.

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FDA advisers vote unanimously in support of over-the-counter birth-control pill

Advisers for the US Food and Drug Administration voted unanimously on Wednesday in support of making the birth-control pill Opill available over-the-counter, saying the benefits outweigh the risks. Two FDA advisory panels agreed that people would use the Opill safely and effectively and said groups – including adolescents and those with limited literacy – would be able to take the pill at the same time every day without help from a health care worker. Opill is a “mini-pill” that uses only the hormone progestin. If approved, this would be the first birth-control pill available over the counter in the United States. About 45% of women experienced at least one barrier to reproductive health care services in 2021, up 10% from 2017. -CNN Health

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