Tellwut Crowdsources for Envoke - What type of animal do you work for?

Business Blogging 01/31/2018
Katie McLean, CEO and Founder of Envoke, expert in “Culture Leads Revenue Growth” approached Tellwut with an interesting project. She wanted to match certain organizational cultures to animals. It’s been done with people before, but not companies. Tellwut suggested a two pronged crowdsourced approach:
  • Step one - to crowdsource the Tellwut community having people free fill in a few types of animals they felt best fit a variety of organizational cultures.
  • Step two - took the top answers from the crowdsourced exercise and asked people to match the most fitting animal type with the specific types of organizational cultures. The key animal traits were provided for this exercise.
The results were incredibly interesting and informative; providing insights into how company’s cultures can be aligned with specific animal traits. As Katie states: “people identified companies as animals that I never would have thought of, yet they were surprisingly accurate when I researched the characteristics and personalities of these animals.” Interested? Read Katie McLeans’s article and give a few claps!