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Tellwut Is Launching an Expanded Set of Demographic Information

Tellwut Online Survey Platform will expand in November the demographic information required from its panel members allowing business survey software users to easily profile their targeted demographic for their market research data. Panelists will not only be segmented by the most commonly examined demographics including location, gender, age, ethnicity, education, employment status, occupation, income, residence, marital status but also by lifestyle, interests, and behavioral traits. Every Tellwut panel members is asked to voluntarily share their personal demographic information and is able to assist individuals, organizations, and market researchers reach the demographic profile that makes a difference for them. Tellwut will soon offer, in addition to the common demographics, also information about panelists’ sports interests, tech lifestyle (what mobile phone, wearable technology, electronic devices and operating system they use), car and home ownership, smoking habits, travel interests and behavior, and even social media use. All of this additional information can provide Tellwut business users with a well-rounded profile of their stakeholders. Moreover, Tellwut has a main focus to cater to small businesses and start-ups, which is why the company has created this budget-friendly software service that business users can utilize to conduct market research without paying extra for every additional demographic selection. Tellwut was also working a new software feature and was finally launched in September, 2013. The self-serve market research company now offers the so called crosstab report which allows business users to analyze survey results more thoroughly, by providing them with information about survey responses in two dimensions- horizontally and vertically. This way, when slicing up the collected data, online survey users can really understand specific patterns and investigate the correlation between particular survey answers as well as the correlation between demographics and specific answers. For instance, if a business user has crowdsourced the Tellwut panel members to ask questions on their sports interests and collect data for a promotional campaign but is particularly interested to learn more about the answers of the female participants between the ages of 18 and 25 that live in the U.S. and are Baseball Fans, he/she can do that by using the cross-tab report. For customer ease, cross-tab survey report are made downloadable as a CSV file that can be easily manipulated and analyzed.