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Tellwut Online Survey Finds 33% Do Not Consider Dark Tourism Morbid

Press Releases

(PRWEB) September 03, 2014

The trend of dark tourism has been on the rise in recent years as many tourists have opted out of having a typical relaxing vacation for the opportunity to visit war torn countries or sites of disasters. Some of these destinations range from sites of genocide to active war zones. Despite the growing appeal of traveling to dangerous countries for a vacation, a Tellwut online survey found that though the majority of voters polled found dark tourism to be morbid, 33% of decided voters found it intriguing.

Although only 9% of decided individuals said they would be interested in a dark tourism holiday, this has nonetheless fueled a niche market to help satisfy the needs of these individuals. A number of companies such as War Zone Tours target individuals that are curious, enjoy taking risks, or want to experience something different. The sharp rise of social media and the growing interest in constantly documenting one’s life is viewed as a factor as to why this industry has been growing at over 100% a year.

When asked whether panel members have ever vacationed in a country that is considered dangerous or could cause them bodily harm, survey results indicated that the 92% of panel members have not made a trek to a dangerous country, while 8% of Tellwut panel members have. As one panel member states: “In 1986, I went with a group of other teachers from across the US to visit schools and summer camps in Russia, which was still the USSR at the time. Again, people told me I was crazy to go, but it was an amazing experience, and I've never once regretted a minute of it.”

While it is apparent that dark tourism is an emerging marketing that a minority of individuals have a desire to explore, one can only question the impact it will have on future tourism around the world and the ramifications that may arise as this market continues to expand and grow at an exponential rate.

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