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Tellwut Online Survey Finds 57% of Millennials Have Not Bought A Lottery Ticket in the Last Twelve Months

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A Tellwut online survey of close to 2000 respondents found that while 57% of Millenials had not purchased a lottery ticket in the last twelve months, 58% of the Baby Boomer generation had. Canadian’s are bigger lottery lovers than Americans with 62% of those surveyed having purchased a ticket in the last 12 months versus only 48% of their American neighbors having made a purchase in that period.

The leading factors in not purchasing a ticket are financially based, with many saying that it is either too expensive for individual tickets or that it is a waste of money. Interestingly enough it appears that Millennials don’t like taking chances with their finances with 14% stating this as their main reason for not taking a gamble. This statistic drops as the generational age brackets increase, 6% of Gen Xers and only 4% of the 50+ crowd do not like taking chances on lady luck stating this as their main reason for not playing.

Over half of the Millennial respondents would enjoy receiving a lottery ticket as a gift. This number gradually increases as the age brackets do. If you’re targeting Millennials, you’re better off using instant play games as 67% of those born after 1983 enjoy the immediate gratification of becoming a prize winner and therefore are more likely to purchase this type of ticket. The gap is not as wide among Baby Boomers with 54% preferring a scratch off and 46% choosing a standard lotto ticket. On a national level more Americans prefer instant play at 64%, whereas the majority of Canadians prefer a standard ticket clocking in at 56%.

In case you’re wondering about those standard ticket players playing habits they are most likely to use the quick pick option, as 44% prefer the wheel of fortune to be spun by the random tabulations of technology.

Baby Boomers claim they are the least likely to forget checking their ticket after a big draw while those caught in the generational middle, busy Generation Xers are the most likely to not a check a ticket due to absentmindedness. Millennial and Generation X respondents are also the most likely age brackets to be a part of a lottery pool, whereas Boomers are the least likely to make lottery playing a communal event.

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