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Tellwut Online Survey Finds 65% Feel College/University Should Stay in Touch

Tellwut Corp. crowdsourced its members through an online survey and found that 65% find it important for schools to keep in touch after graduation while 80% were happy with their education.

Higher education will always be a growing demand in the marketplace. According to Free Exchange- Wealth by Degrees, a June 24, 2014 article in The Economist, the unemployment rate in North America is below average while student loans rose by 25%, doubling the average debt per borrower. Tellwut conducted an online survey study towards graduates from higher education and found that 65% believe institutions should communicate with them after graduation; not a surprise given that close to 80% were happy with their education.

Tellwut’s survey analyzed the prime purpose of achieving higher education. Out of the online panel members polled, 23% were looking for higher income potential, 17% chose personal satisfaction, 17% wanted to advance in their professional field, 14% wanted to increase their chances of finding employment, 10% looked to expand industry knowledge, 9% wanted to be competitive in the marketplace while 5% wanted to change careers.

When choosing the right institution, Tellwut gathered data on what meant the most to graduates. 36% chose school reputation, 33% wanted a stellar course curriculum, 19% considered program costs, and 7% chose the program length. A major factor on graduate degree payoffs is the school’s reputation according to both Tellwut members and to The Economist. According to the Economist’s article, schools like Caltech and MIT provide a 30-year return at approximately $2M, while schools at the bottom of the list produce approximately $148,000 on returns.

How does this online study speak to employment, employments rates, and salaries? 38% of survey participants did not find employment related to their degree, while 31% found a related occupation, and 31% found a somewhat related occupation. Other eye-opening statistics determined that 30% of panel graduates are currently underemployed, 16% stayed with their occupation and are happy, 16% changed careers for a new occupation, 11% received a job promotion, 9% moved to a management position, and 7% changed employers to seek better opportunities. 31% of respondents did not feel they received their expected income after graduation.

It plays to an institution’s advantage when communicating with graduates. To stay on pace in a competitive society, post secondary institutions can find value in analyzing what has been achieved by graduates, ensuring programs offered meet and exceed expectations. Unfortunately, a majority of graduate panelists do not feel they obtained a relevant degree while many are currently under employed. With youth unemployment on a statistical rise combined with Tellwut’s study, following up with the graduates as a support system is a vital method by maintaining reputation in the marketplace.

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