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Tellwut Online Survey Finds 92% Think Looking Like A ‘Human Barbie’ Doll Is Unappealing, Though 77% Are Not Opposed To Plastic Surgery

Press Releases
(PRWEB) November 19, 2014 With over 2,000 votes, an online survey conducted by the Tellwut Market Research Group has found that 92% of panel members would not want to look like a real life doll, though 77% of decided panel members are not opposed to elective plastic surgery procedures.

The notion of the real life ‘human Barbie doll’ has been making headlines after two Swedish sisters reportedly spent $24,000 in plastic surgery treatments in attempts to resemble a doll (e.g. small waist, enlarged bust and eyes); however 92% from a Tellwut online survey found the Barbie Doll look unappealing. With only 6% of respondents having had plastic surgery procedures, it was surprising that 77% were not opposed to plastic surgery procedures in general, just not the Barbie Doll look.

Although having plastic surgery to look like a doll may appear to be an unconventional practice or unappealing in the eyes of most, there are numerous girls that have been getting plastic surgery procedures in order to look like a doll. One such girl, Valeria Lukyonova, had surgery to enlarge her bust and had one of her ribs removed in order to achieve a small Barbie-like waist. Over the years, Valeria has gained a huge following that praise her Barbie like appearance. Interestingly it seems that going under the knife to appear more doll-like is not just reserved for women, as 32 Justin Jedlica had over 150 plastic surgery procedures in order to achieve ‘perfection’ and is now regarded as the ‘Human Ken Doll’.

While it is apparent from survey results that the majority of panel members are not interested in looking like a doll, 20% of respondents said they would consider having a procedure, while 62% would not and 17% were undecided on the topic.

Tellwutter Panel Member QueenDaniP expressed her disdain of going under the knife to modify ones appearance by stating: “Never had cosmetic surgery and never plan to. […] I only see plastic surgery as something to be done from a deformity of some sort, an accident, or for some other medical purposes […].

With 60% of respondents feeling that ‘admitting to having plastic surgery” is less taboo, one can wonder whether more people in the future will be inclined to have surgical procedures performed to modify their appearance and perhaps look more doll-like.

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