Tellwut Online Survey Finds That Females Are More Optimistic Than Males For 2018

Press Releases 02/28/2018
When segmented by gender 75% of North American female respondents of the Tellwut online survey community said that they are optimistic that 2018 will bring them good tidings, whereas that number drops by more than 10% with males, as only 63% of them are hopeful about the upcoming year.   Tellwut found that overall 72% of North American respondents are hopeful that 2018 will be better for them than the previous year. When asked specifically about finances 49% of males predict that 2018 will embrace them with economic stability and slightly more females are optimistic about their pocketbooks - specifically 53% of those who identify as female feel that their finances will take an increase.   Tellwut also examined whether or not respondents have a tangible event or checkpoint to look forward to this year, the margins grew even closer in this regard - as 63% of males and again slightly more females at 67% have something positive on the horizon.   When compared through generational lenses, the Millennial generation come out on top as the plucky optimists with 59% of them have projected prospects to increase their wealth this year – however when it comes down to events that they’re looking forward to in 2018, the younger demographic scored the lowest at only 64% and the Baby Boomers scored the highest at 67%.