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Tellwut Online Survey Finds Those With Only Some High School Education More Likely to Tip

Unless the service you receive is truly abysmal, everyone knows that it is customary in North America to garnish the cost of your meal with a standard minimum 15 to 20% tip. But what if you’re not dining in? Do you still tip? In a recent Tellwut online survey, panel members were asked do they tip for a meal that they picked up to go from a typically dined in at establishment. More than half of North American respondents coming in at 63% said that they would not leave a tip. Tellwut member Era said, “Are you kidding? That's the great thing about carry out. If I wanted to tip, I'd sit down and be treated to some service!” The stats are uncannily identical between Americans and Canadians, as only 37% would tip and 63% would choose not to. In terms of variations in tipping gender-wise 39% of men said they tip for pick up order, which is just slightly more than the figure for females which is 36%. Some say that they feel a tip isn’t warranted because they (themselves) had to do all of the work, another panel member retorts, “To jonestan how do you figure you did all the work? Did you cook the meal? Did you pack up the meal? Did you take it out to the car? Wait staff depend on tips to supplement their measly hourly wage. 10% is a decent tip for those people.” In terms of race, 35% of whites said would tip where as that number increases by more than 10% with those who identify as black – 46% of black respondents said they would tip for a takeout order. Astonishingly those who only had some high school education at 47%, who are typically some of the lowest wage earners, said they would tip for a pick up order – perhaps it is a sense of empathy that elicits this monetary response. In an April 2017 Tellwut online survey, tippers were asked why they did so, the second most chosen reason for tipping was guilt, whereas the number one reason for tipping was the social pressure.