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Tellwut Online Survey Reveals Digital Natives’ Technology Habits

Press Releases
Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) September 12, 2012- Digital natives are those people who grew up with technology as a part of their daily lives while people who didn’t grow up with it are known as digital immigrants. A recent Tellwut online poll found that 40% of users now spend five or more hours a day online with 17% claiming ten or more hours on average. With the rise of social media and the availability of smart phones, tablets and laptops, we now tweet to our friends and update our Facebook status while watching our favorite show and browsing a blog. The same poll found that 44% of North Americans change the media they are focused on multiple times an hour. When the question was asked about the importance of the information being consumed, 37% thought that there was too much useless information, while slightly more, (39%) felt that even if they weren’t interested in a certain piece, someone else would be. The emergence of the digital native generation is changing the perception of being online as an anti-social behavior. When asked how they felt about people using technology in social situations, 51% of voters stated they thought people used it too much and used it to convey too much personal information, such as on Facebook statuses. On the other hand, 32% of those polled felt that although people did use social media more than before, it wasn’t a problem as it’s a common part of society now. When asked if spending ‘too much time on the internet’ was causing problems in a relationship only 16% of the respondents said yes while more than half, 52%, said there was no issue. When asked if they should be perhaps doing something more productive with their time, 47% of respondents replied ‘Yes’. However, with Apple now becoming the most valuable company in US history; be you a Digital Native or a Digital Immigrant, multitasking with multi-media technology is set to become the norm. Tellwut is an online survey company providing a unique mix of both private business survey packages and an open opinion poll forum. The open forum provides voters the opportunity to vote on, or post surveys, offering online users a unique combination of survey software and a rewards program, coupled with a social network element that will facilitate dialogue, argument and conversation across an infinite number of subjects. Tellwut’s business application allows companies, associations, researchers, students to send their own private surveys or canvass the tellwut voter base.