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Tellwut Opinion Poll Finds that 51% Believe that Kids Should be Out of the House by the Age of 24

(PRWEB) May 31, 2012 When should kids leave home? Young adults happily living at home and taking advantage of the comforts that brings has sparked many a debate as well as fodder for movies such as Failure to Launch. An online survey posted on tellwut returned the following results: 27% think kids should be out of the house by 21 and another 24% say out no later than 24. On the flip side 31% were okay with kids staying at home forever, though more than half of that group added the caveat that they pay for food and board if they stay. In terms of creature comforts that parents provide to those over 22, the survey found that 19% of respondents provided or received a car, 18% received some kind of financial allowance and 31% still have their cell-phone bills paid for. Signs of parental desperation perhaps were reflected in the 20% of children over 22 that had their rent paid and the astonishing 12% who had received a house or condo. Now that’s an expensive way to get them out of the house. The top three subtle ways to get children to leave home were to cancel the internet, stop feeding them and walk around naked! Post a question on tellwut and see what others have to say.