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Tellwut Panel Agrees with NBC News Poll Declaring Clinton Winner of First Debate

Prior to the first presidential debate, 55% of the Tellwut online survey community predicted Hillary Clinton as the victor. The following day the Tellwut community was asked who won the debate – the majority also pegged Clinton triumphant post-debate, this mirrors a similar poll conducted by NBC News which also medals the win to Hillary Clinton with 52% of the vote. An adamant Trump supporter Zyni said, “I fully expect Hillary to "win" them all.... one way or another. I'm sure she came off much more polished than Trump did. I'd still never vote for her. Ever.” Whether Zyni’s comment was meant facetiously or not, another panel member added some perspective to the individual bias that every human being possesses, “The only way you could say Trump won the debate is if you have a compatibility bias.... your bias only allows you to favor Trump, irrespective of reality and real facts.”   The Monday night meeting of the frontrunners of the 2016 White house bid started off as a cordial affair but quickly simmered into a spicy rapport that covered foreign policy, nuclear weapons and terrorist threats. We asked the Tellwut community if the debate swayed their vote for the upcoming election, 33% of online survey takers said that their opinion has not changed on the candidates since the Monday night viewing and 14% said that the debate helped them to view Hillary Clinton in a more positive light. Karylwood poignantly summarizes her feelings after watching, “I'm really wondering which debate some of you watched. The one I saw was clearly won by Hillary Clinton. Grace under fire. Trump sounded like an adolescent talking about "good people" and "bad people" and his properties, his investments, his money. He is not what we need as the leader of this country. We need Hillary Clinton's level-headed diplomacy. She took responsibility for her past errors in judgment, and I give her a lot of credit for that. Trump, on the other hand, weaseled out of the allegations of people not being paid for their work by citing "laws of the country".   The second of the three debates is slated for October 4th 2016 is between Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, versus Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence. 34% of voters said that they would watch the upcoming debates and 24% remain undecided on whether they would tune in or not. Will you watch?