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Tellwut US Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points - January 28 2021


1 in 3 Americans say money makes them happier than love, survey finds

A new report issued by finds that one-third of Americans say money brings more happiness than love.According to a survey of consumers nationwide, Millennials, men and those earning six-figure salaries are more likely to report that money brings more happiness than romance.

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Majority Of Americans Say They’d Vote For A Politician Who Smokes Marijuana, Poll Finds

A majority of Americans said they wouldn’t have an issue voting for someone who occasionally smokes marijuana, according to a new poll. The YouGov survey, which involved interviews with 4,096 adults, comes about a week after a U.S. Senate candidate made waves after releasing a campaign ad where he smokes a cannabis blunt while discussing the racially disparate harms of prohibition. It found that 58 percent of Americans would be “willing” to vote for a candidate who they agree with on most issues “who occasionally smokes marijuana in their free time.” Twenty-one percent said they wouldn’t be willing to cast that vote.

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Pizza Hut is selling its spiciest pizza ever

Everyone needs some sort of alone time. Whether it's to exercise or sit at home and catch up on your favorite shows, carving out time just for you is important. Even people that live with their significant others relish in having the house to themselves, according to a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ring.

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A Tennessee school board removed the graphic novel 'Maus,' about the Holocaust from curriculum

"Maus," the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the experiences of Holocaust survivors, has been removed from an eighth-grade English language arts curriculum by a Tennessee school board over concerns about "rough, objectionable language" and a drawing of a nude woman. The McMinn County Board of Education voted 10-0 to remove the book from the curriculum, saying it should be replaced, if possible, with another book without content deemed objectionable. "Maus" is a graphic novel by comic artist Art Spiegelman that follows his Jewish parents in 1940s Poland from their early experiences of anti-Semitism to their internment in Auschwitz. The members of the school board heard from English language arts instructional supervisors about why the book was being used in the curriculum, the meeting minutes show. Board member Tony Allman took issue with how the content would be redacted, and added, "We don't need to enable or somewhat promote this stuff. It shows people hanging, it shows them killing kids, why does the educational system promote this kind of stuff? It is not wise or healthy," according to the meeting minutes. In response, instructional supervisor Julie Goodin countered, "I was a history teacher, and there is nothing pretty about the Holocaust, and, for me, this was a great way to depict a horrific time in history," the meeting minutes say. -CNN

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