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Tellwut US Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points - September 9 2022


Tellwut News

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Poll: Americans' Views on 9/11 Depend More on Age Than Political Party

Twenty-one years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks of 2001, Americans across the political spectrum share many of the same feelings when it comes to their memories and sentiments related to the attacks. -NBC Washington

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Survey: Nearly half of Americans admit talking to their plants

Do you talk to your plants? Nearly half of people who participated in a recent survey said they do — and it may even help a person’s mental health by doing so. The survey, conducted in August by, asked 1,250 people in the United States about their plant-talking habits. It found that 48% of people admitted talking to their trees and/or plants, and of those who do, one in five said they speak to their plants every day. About 62% of respondents said it helps their own mental health to talk to plants and 65% said they believe it helps them to grow. Among those who said talking to their plants helps them grow, 60% actually reported seeing a difference in their plants’ growth when comparing periods of talking to them and not talking to them, according to the survey.-

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Love and secrets

Secrets are supposedly poison for a healthy relationship, but surprising new research finds hiding a few small purchases from your significant other may actually benefit the relationship. Study authors report the guilt stemming from “secret consumer behavior” frequently leads to greater relationship

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TikTok influencer and UofT student dies in skydiving accident — the fourth in Canada this summer

Tanya Pardazi, a 21-year-old philosophy student and TikTok influencer, fell to her death during a skydiving accident last weekend, making her at least the fourth such person killed during the extreme sport this summer in Canada. The deaths, ranging from students to experienced skydivers, have highlighted the risks of the extreme sport. Pardazi died in Innisfil, Ont., about 80 kilometres north of Toronto, after an emergency during her jump. In a statement, the skydiving company said she tried to open her parachute at too low an altitude, and there was not enough time to open the reserve chute. Rob MacNeill, who sits on the technical safety committee with the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, said fatalities in skydiving are rare — one a year, he said, would be relatively normal. -National Post

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