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Tellwut’s Online Survey Site Hits 2.2 Million Page Views in October

Facebook holds memories, twitter holds thoughts and Tellwut holds answers. Tellwut hit the online survey scene in the United States and Canada in January 2012 and hasn’t looked back. Tellwut’s members, dubbed Tellwutters, post surveys and answer member or market research surveys all for valuable reward points. The Tellwutter Community actively comments and debates on the survey results making for an interesting read. Tellwut is a social network survey site where voters can ask or answer questions in return for reward points that are redeemable for products. The Tellwut Community enables members to seek answers by posting surveys and commenting on the results or the opinions of others. Are skinny jeans that bad on men or are socks with sandals worse? Though socks with sandals won for worst, the skinny jean debate garnered the most comments. Tellwut tracks answers by demographics. 60% of women would prefer to die over living knowing they caused death while only 45% of men feel this way. Did you know that 17% of young adults over the age of 22 have their cell phone bill paid by their parent(s)? Tellwutters also take on the hard hitting topics of abortion, gay rights and creationism versus evolution. With over 6,000 surveys posted to date, Tellwut is content rich with results for viewing. Tellwut’s proprietary online survey application can be utilized by organizations to send surveys to stakeholders, be they customers, organization members, employees and or suppliers. Tellwut offers various unique marketing promotion features that businesses can use to grow brand and product awareness, while getting valuable feedback. Tellwut panel members often post surveys on products. With the holidays around the corner, Tellwut can provide innovative opportunities for businesses to get product in front of the Tellwut Community. The Tellwut Community combined with Tellwut’s proprietary survey software provides market research capabilities at one’s finger tips. Draw upon the entire panel or specific demographic targets within the Tellwut panel to gain an understanding on the pulse of an endless number of topics, including products, services, people, ethics and policy. Tellwut is an online survey company providing a unique mix of both private business survey packages and an open opinion poll forum. The open forum provides voters the opportunity to vote on, or post surveys, offering online users a unique combination of survey software and a rewards program, coupled with a social network element that will facilitate dialogue, argument and conversation across an infinite number of subjects. Tellwut’s business application allows companies, associations, researchers, students to send their own private surveys or canvass the tellwut voter base. Free survey trial packages are available.