The Effectiveness of Embedded Online Surveys

Business Blogging 05/01/2014
Creating the right communication strategy is essential when engaging clients, employees, stakeholders, and anyone else who makes an impact on your organization. Various studies proven that a way to refine business practices can be accomplished through conducting online surveys, however strategies need to adapt to evolving technologies. Tellwut has rolled out an embedded survey widget to align with today’s technology. The online survey widget can allow you to feature your poll anywhere on your website while engaging customers in a 2-way conversation. Such key areas to generate embedded surveys are:
  • Homepages for a dynamic first impression
  • Company blogs to allow feedback on your discussions
  • Landing pages for higher engagement
  • Email campaigns to generate greater responses
Embedded   When displaying your web assets, you provide the convenience of allowing your audience to take online surveys that's ingrained in your assets. When a survey is embedded, you will encourage greater response rates for your study. Embedded2 Upon survey creation, you will be provided a unique html code which can be dropped into to your website location of preference. To try out this unique feature, visit to experience this first hand.