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The Nightmare before Christmas: Spending Holidays with Family Members

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas coming up, many of us have been and will be roped into spending some time with family so we’ve put together a few results of some survey results regarding holidays and family. Whether it’s a huge party or a small gathering, there’s bound to be someone who embarrasses themselves. An online survey from Tellwut found that telling stupid jokes is the number one thing that people do at family gatherings to embarrass themselves. Following close was belching and passing gas while laughing too loudly finished fourth. 25% of those that voted are sparred from family embarrassment. Other comments on family annoyances were getting too drunk, bragging about themselves and voicing their opinion on everything. Falling asleep and snoring loudly was another option that garnered 6% of the votes. Another Tellwut online poll revealed that 56% of Tellwutters fall asleep after a Thanksgiving meal and 72% of Tellwutters have had someone fall asleep at their Thanksgiving dinner. And speaking of embarrassing moments at family holidays, 33% of voters like to prank the person who’s sleeping. So what kind of antics do Tellwutters get up to? Results vary from taking pictures and photoshopping them to putting makeup and nail polish on any guy that falls asleep. Other answers include videotaping the person snoring, putting funny hats on them, tickling them or throwing stuff at them. In another online poll, Tellwut found that 36% of voters will be with a family member they can’t stand during the holiday season. Perhaps sibling rivalry is to blame. 16% of Tellwutters can’t stand being around a sibling during the holidays. The other top people that voters can’t stand to be around were an aunt at 13% a female cousin at 10%. So is there anything specific that members of your family do at your gatherings that are embarrassing? If someone falls asleep at your Thanksgiving dinner, do you mess with them? Anyone you can’t stand to be around? Leave a comment below to tellwut!