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The Spectacular April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse: A Celestial Phenomenon and Economic Boon

The Spectacular April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse: A Celestial Phenomenon and Economic Boon


We hope everyone enjoyed the celestial spectacle as the total solar eclipse graced the skies on April 8, 2024! Starting its journey over the South Pacific Ocean, this rare event traveled through North America, offering breathtaking views to millions of spectators across Mexico, the United States, Canada, and beyond.


Eclipse Path and Timing

The eclipse made its grand entrance onto continental North America from Mexico's Pacific coast at approximately 11:07 a.m. PDT. From there, it embarked on a journey through states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, and many more, captivating observers with its awe-inspiring display. Crossing into Canada through Southern Ontario and onward to Nova Scotia, the eclipse bid farewell to North America at 5:16 p.m. NDT on the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland. In a recent Tellwut member poll, we found that 37% of members were definitely planning on viewing the eclipse, while 16% were undecided. "I was 11 or 12 when I saw the last total eclipse. A gathering of family and friends, each with special glasses (because frankly what's the point if you aren't to look directly at it) and some music playing. It was interesting and fun to watch but the 'total eclipse party' was the most fun. Since I've 'been there, done that', I'm not bothering with it this time. Maybe I'll catch the next one :)" said member reviewsbyjackie 


Safety First

Remember, safety is paramount when observing a solar eclipse. Except during the brief total phase, it's unsafe to look directly at the Sun without specialized eye protection. Always ensure you have the proper equipment to safeguard your eyes and enjoy the eclipse safely. Thankfully, a Tellwut poll found that 84% of members were aware that looking at the eclipse can cause eye damage including blindness, while 8% knew it could cause damage but not to the extent of blindness. "A local discount store gave us the eclipse glasses free with items that totalled $10 or more. We are in Maine, in its path. We hadn't planned to watch it, but now with the glasses we can and will." said member jjkayak


Economic Impact and Tourism Surge

The anticipation of this celestial event has sparked a surge in tourism, with an estimated 4 million people in the US alone expected to journey to witness the eclipse. This influx of visitors is projected to generate over $1 billion in revenue across various cities, from Austin, Texas, to Rochester, New York. Niagara Falls and Montreal have emerged as the top booked destinations for eclipse enthusiasts, with hotels in the Niagara region reporting full capacity and increased prices. "Interesting how so many claim the economy is bad (it's not the best but...), yet so many people are traveling & paying exorbitant prices for rooms. I saw a piece on a motel (in I believe Maine), where the normal nights price was $90. For this event, they raised it to $900. And they are completely booked. I could see going up to maybe $150 but $900? And people are willing to pay that!?!? Economy must not be so bad after all." Greatgrandmax3 commented.


Whether you're a seasoned eclipse enthusiast or a first-time observer, this celestial event promised to leave an indelible mark on all who witness its splendor, and we think it lived up to it's hype and some members agreed!


"Due to traffic volume it took us almost 2 hours to drive to an area with 3 min totality. Got there just in time for the partial eclipse beginning, but it was overcast. Just 10 min before the 3:18pm totality the sky cleared up and everything went dark for the totality! It's something I'll never forget ... Awesome!" - dinogam 


"Just saw it .. very brief, and then cloud cover. Then it became totally dark, the birds were chirping, and the street lights came on! Back to normal now. Awesome ." - prencyss 


"So Awesome! We were right in line to view totality from our driveway with clear skies. So very cool, and yes, I danced in the moonshadow, haha." -Maristine