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The Ultimate Guide To Exploring Tellwut Streaks


We're excited to introduce our newest interactive feature—Tellwut Streaks! By logging in daily and participating in external surveys for five consecutive days, you'll unlock a 10% point bonus on external survey points as long as your streak remains active. Don’t have any external surveys available or can’t qualify? Don’t worry; we have you covered in the details below! Here's a glimpse of what you can expect when you log in:




One way to activate your streak is to complete an Earn Rewards Live survey every day for 5 days in a row, so we will be using that as the example in this blog. Scroll down to the FAQ section after to read about other ways you can activate and maintain your streak.  Right on the home page when you log in, you’ll now see your streak tally detailing how many days in a row you have activated your streak and how much time you have left to achieve the 5 day streak. Here’s what it will look like:



The Daily Streaks section will show:

  • -Basic instructions for how the Daily Streaks work, and what you’ll get if your streak is activated
  • -How many streak days you currently have
  • -How many streak days you need to unlock your streak bonus
  • -How many hours you have before your current streak expires


When you complete an external survey for 5 days in a row, you’ll activate your streak and will be given all the necessary information you need to keep the streak alive! Here’s how it will look when your streak is activated:




When the streak is active, the Daily Streaks section will show:

  • -that you have activated your daily streak rewards
  • -how long you have left to complete activities to maintain your streak before it expires


When your streak is activated, you’ll now receive an extra 10% points on each completed survey until the streak is broken. Here’s how your surveys will look when the streak is activated, and emailed surveys will be automatically updated in the email if you have an active streak:




  1. What is Tellwut Streaks?

Tellwut Streaks is a new feature designed to reward consistent engagement on the Tellwut platform. By completing activities regularly, Tellwut members can earn streak bonuses and unlock additional rewards.

  1. How do Tellwut Streaks work?

There are three ways to activate and maintain your streak:

  1. Complete an external survey for five consecutive days (including via emailed survey invitations)
  2. Experience at least five disqualifications on external surveys for five consecutive days and complete the survey of the day. Please make sure you are either clicking from ERL or a recent emailed survey. Clicking on old emails will not count as a disqualification.
  3. If you do not have at least five surveys available per day, your streak will still be extended once you try what surveys are available and complete the survey of the day.

To extend your streak with disqualifications or when there are no surveys available, simply complete the survey of the day on the main page. You can use any combination of these methods to maintain your streak. For instance, if you complete a survey for two days in a row but then encounter no surveys available for the next three days, just complete the survey of the day to keep your streak going! The streak stays active as long as you do one of the 3 above every day.


  1. What benefits do Tellwut Streaks offer?

 Tellwut Streaks offer several benefits to members.  Not only will you receive a 10% bonus on external surveys,  but this new feature will also encourage regular participation, which can lead to higher rewards over time. Additionally, streak bonuses add an extra element of fun and motivation to using the Tellwut platform!


  1. When does the streak day end?

The streak day resets at midnight EST. For example, you take a survey at 5 pm on April 1, you can take your next survey that counts towards your streak at 12:01am EST on April 2.


  1. What happens if I complete a survey over 2 days?

The survey will count towards the day it was COMPLETED. For example, if you started a survey on April 1st at 11:55 pm EST and completed it on April 2 at 12:05 am, it will count towards April 2. Make sure you leave enough time to keep your streak activated every day!


  1. What if I completed a survey but was told I didn’t qualify at the end?

We will ensure this still counts in the streak!


7. How long does my streak stay active?

Once you hit 5 days of completing one of the 3 steps, and you activate your streak, it will stay active as long as you complete one of the steps from question 2 daily.


Please contact us at if you have any questions, concerns or any issues with the new Streaks feature!