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QR Codes and IQ- Do They Have Anything in Common?

About 20 years ago an automotive professional from Japan invented QR codes (Quick Response Codes) for the automotive industry. Today you see QR codes on Vehicles, Clothing, Posters, Banners, Business Cards, Websites, Retail Stores, Hairstyles, on Food, or practically any other item you wish to place a QR code. The number of North Americans that have smart phones and are able to scan QR codes is constantly growing. But although QR codes are everywhere, they are not always easily accessible. Because of this, consumers and the popularity of scanning QR codes is decreasing. Does the placement of a QR code have anything to do with the marketers IQ level? Easily accessible QR code= higher IQ, Right? Marketers use QR codes to leverage their final goal—sales. Now I have another question: “Do all marketers have a high IQ?” my answer is “No!” QR codes and their functionality are definitely cool, entertaining and easy to use, but not necessarily easy to scan. Not all marketers (I will refer to the low-IQ marketers) place themselves in the consumers’ shoes when determining where the optimal placement is for a QR code to be accessed and scanned. You can SEE QR codes on the ceiling of buses, in the air, on the constantly moving body of the volleyball player but you CAN’T SCAN. I thought that the main purpose of QR codes is to scan and access more information or a promotion? Let’s have a look at pictures I found on the internet with pretty ridiculous, and funny places where I found QR codes:

qr code

It’s a good thing I carry a ladder in my pocket!

qr code hairstyle

I am sorry, can you stop moving so I can scan you!?


Oh Nooo she jumped, I could not scan it!

  At Tellwut we wanted to know what our voters think of QR codes and where the codes functionality stand in the consumers eye so we created a survey. Nearly 2000 people responded to our poll from which we measured that 55% of the voters have smart phones but only 22% of them actually scan codes. From the people who STILL scan QR codes, the largest percent of people (13%) scan because they want to access a coupon discount or an online offer and only 7% to access a company website. Tellwut also asked its panel members where they notice QR codes the most. Almost an equal amount of people (6%) responded that they scan the most from magazine ads or posters/brochures/flyers. The highest amount of people who utilize QR codes (17%) still find them helpful and 12% are undecided. So marketers, BE SMART! If you believe that QR codes are a powerful marketing tool start putting yourself in the customers shoes and make the codes easily accessible!