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Unwrapping Holiday Trends: Insights from Our Festive Survey

Unwrapping Holiday Trends: Insights from Our Festive Survey


The holiday season brings joy, warmth, and a unique set of traditions. This year, Tellwut and Paradigm Sample conducted a holiday survey to unwrap the thoughts and trends shaping the festivities. Let's dive into the results and discover what people had to say about early holiday merchandise, shopping behaviors, and the timeline for spreading holiday cheer.

Early Arrival of Holiday Merchandise: Love It or Leave It?

When it comes to the early appearance of holiday merchandise in stores, opinions vary. Here's what respondents had to say:

  • 12% - I love it – the earlier, the better
  • 25% - I'm okay with it, bring on the holidays
  • 24% - Doesn't affect me either way, I don't really pay attention
  • 23% - Wait until after the turkey, please
  • 16% - Every year it gets earlier & earlier, not a fan

It's clear that opinions are diverse, with a significant portion expressing a preference for an early start to the festive season. From those who relish the earliest inklings of holiday magic to those who advocate for a more restrained approach, our respondents collectively paint a picture of the multifaceted relationship individuals have with the timing of the holiday season's commencement.

Holiday Shopping Attitudes: Balancing Budgets and Beat the Rush

We explored respondents' sentiments about holiday shopping, covering various aspects:

  • Starting Early Due to Concerns :

    • 24% disagree with starting early due to rising prices.
    • 40% agree with starting early due to concerns about product availability.
  • Willingness to Pay :

    • 15% disagree with being willing to pay more for essential items.
    • 32% agree that despite higher prices, they'd pay more for important items.
  • Flexibility with Budget :

    • 31% disagree with being flexible with their budget.
    • 18% agree that they are more flexible with their budget this year.
  • Early Shopping Motivations:

    • 26% agree with starting early to embrace the holiday spirit.
    • 25% disagree with starting early due to pre-season sales.

Decking the Halls: When Holiday Decorating Begins

Finally, we explored when respondents start their holiday decorating:

  • 6% - Prior to Halloween
  • 10% - After Halloween, but before Thanksgiving
  • 41% - Between Thanksgiving and the beginning of December
  • 25% - Within the first two weeks of December
  • 5% - After mid-December
  • 6% - Rarely/never decorate for the holidays
  • 8% - Do not plan on decorating this year

The majority prefer to wait until after Halloween or between Thanksgiving and early December to adorn their homes with festive decorations. Whether embracing the festive ambiance early, savoring the Thanksgiving spirit, or ensuring a carefully timed transformation in December, each respondent contributes to the rich tapestry of holiday traditions that make this season uniquely theirs.

These survey results paint a vivid picture of the diverse opinions and behaviors that make the holiday season unique for each individual. From early shopping enthusiasts to those who prefer to savor the season in its own time, it's clear that the holiday spirit takes many forms.