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It's time to upgrade to the many features of online surveys!

Research has existed for thousands of years but technological advances and internet access have made survey research possible at a lower cost and readily accessible to any type and size of organizations. If you have not tried online surveys yet, it is time to move forward! Online surveys are faster, easier and much more organized. With online surveys it is much faster to craft and edit your questions, much easier to track responses and you can access the analytics in real-time! If you have a business survey account, you are able to do all that through the same platform.

Cloning surveys - made possible!

As mentioned above, online surveys provide you with the comfort of accessing, typing and editing your questions and answers, and sending them out fast and easily. However, what do you do when you need to send out the same survey to different focus groups? Do you create it all over again? Not anymore! Tellwut's survey feature called "Survey Cloning" allows you to duplicate surveys which saves you valuable time from having to type them all over again. With the click of a mouse, you can now create the same survey and send it out to your different sales teams, your different vendors, and even clients.

Cloning surveys

Did you know you could also promote your business using online surveys?

Yes, you really can! Surveys can be used as a tool to ask questions about your new products while introducing the products to the voter audience. Surveys allow you to educate voters while learning insights about what people think. You can provide more detailed information about their features, design, value-added-services, prices, vendors, etc. and receive feedback on how you are doing. After completion of your survey, people would be aware of what you offer and you would be aware of what they think. Isn't that awesome? The engagement does not end with the completion of your survey! Things get even better when you get to the end of your survey! Tellwut surveys provide you with the option of custom message that you can add to your business survey. You can use that space to acknowledge your business, your products, your achievements, your specials, your social media, your new product, your new idea, your blog, your contests, your employee-of-the-month, pretty much anything you would like to highlight about your business can be mentioned at the end of your survey. Just like the content of the survey, the custom message is also totally up to you. The Tellwut survey software grants you with the freedom to boost your promotion and helps reach your marketing goals.   custom message     There is another feature I would like to touch on in this blog and that is the “Add Your Logo” feature! Branding is for sure one of the most important parts for your marketing strategy and overall business image. Therefore, adding your logo to your survey is a great option to create brand awareness. When you craft surveys about your company’s brand, logo, product, service, customer satisfaction, you can learn about people’s perception and attitude towards you while using the surveys to build brand loyalty and then customer loyalty. In addition to that, I need to mention the fact that logos added to your surveys can also make them look more personalized and professional. Here is an example:   logo   To add your company logo to your survey you have a couple of options: First is to click on the radio button to use a logo you have already uploaded to your business account. The second option is to upload a new logo image. upload logo to survey   Start utilizing these excellent online survey features now! If you have already done all of that, I just want to say Congrats and Thank you for using Tellwut! To learn more on how to create private surveys click here. To join our business e-newsletter list and get new ideas, special discounts, consumer insights, and much more, click here. Happy Surveying!