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What makes me a bad boss? Tellwut survey reveals the traits that place you under the Bad-Boss Column

Horrible Bosses, the Office, The Devil Wears Prada- all popular movies/shows that have something in common. No, it’s not that they are American; it is the hated boss that is present in each of them. Our Tellwut members have shared their opinion through an online survey, exposing the worst bad bosses’ traits. Are you above all this? Many superiors live with a usually positive notion about their personality, behavior, and interaction with their subordinates. However, the question is whether their self estimate matches their colleagues’ points of view. 4,492 people participated in this Tellwut Online Survey to provide their opinion about what characteristics make a boss bad. Some of the most popular answers in this free online survey contained yellers, complainers, glory takers, micro-managers those with the inability to listen, don’t collaborate, and don’t communicate. Do any of these relate to you? Being a big surprise to me, more than a half (65%) shared that their boss is a screamer. Really? Are there still supervisors who would yell and humiliate to get the job done? Apparently, the Tellwut Poll Results turn my rhetorical question into a question that needs an answer. There are and there should be other ways to communicate your criticism, comments, and even frustration with your co-workers. Shifting your behavior for the better would probably improve the overall environment at the work place. The second most popular answer in the Tellwut survey, with 46%, was failure to communicate. In a global world, where information is invaluable, it is important to be able to communicate with your team. When coworkers are aware of their boss’s objective, vision, and needs, they are better able to provide support and have a common goal towards the company’s success. Don’t you think so? Share your opinion with Tellwut and create a survey on this separate topic.   In third place for bad boss traits is bosses who don’t listen to what their colleagues have to say. 45 % of the Tellwut panelists felt that their superiors do not care about their opinion and feedback. Don’t universities teach the students one of the main business skills- to listen? As a boss, you should try to understand your employees’ opinion, ideas, or issues. That would definitely make them feel appreciated and maintain their loyalty to the company. Often, people say that everybody is replaceable but certainly nobody likes feeling that way.   So, bosses, ex-bosses, bosses-to-be! Reconsider your attitude and communication with the people you work with. Stay open-minded and accommodate your team’s necessities, so that they would truly feel appreciated and a part of your team. In return, you would promote innovative thinking, loyal employees, and open community, where everyone has pride to work, including you! Please, do not be the next Michael Scott!