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Why You Need Online Survey’s to Improve Student Enrollment and Retention

The educational industry is becoming more competitive each year as enrollments rise and new educational offerings become available. An institution that continues to understand the best recruitment techniques, student engagement throughout learning periods, and stellar graduate outcomes are the ones who use effective online market research. The key to generating such research would be through an enrollment experience online survey. Follow-up surveys to address student engagement allow for increased retention rates. An online survey regime which is tailored towards the student’s best interests should be implemented to better understand the reasons for choosing the program and the engagement level in the classroom environment. Collecting these data points through a survey will help an institution prevent drop-out rates while being guided to capture new students into the program each year. Critical aspects of these online surveys should be direct, however needs to pay full attention to student needs. Such elements on what should be included on a student enrollment and student engagement experience surveys are:
  • Motivation – What is their motivation in taking this degree? (personal satisfaction, career advancement, salary increase, career change, etc)
  • Competing schools – Before choosing this program, what other schools have they considered and why?
  • Program choices – What other programs were they considering, and why?
  • School factors – What were the most important factors on choosing this program? (prestige, reputation, flexible scheduling, curriculum, cost, etc)
  • Enjoyment – What factors is the most and least enjoyable about the program?
  • Improvements – What improvements should be made to teaching infrastructure?
These are a few of many vital questions that a student needs to be asked on an enrollment and engagement experience online survey to help increase enrollment and retention strategies. Revisiting these methods periodically are also best practices in creating the most effective recruiting and retention techniques which will allow an institution to enhance accreditation in the educational marketplace.