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Would you ever tell your meddling mother-in-law to back off?

09/28/2012 Love & Relationships 623 3 By: vlindal

Do you love someone even though they have a dark side?

09/27/2012 Love & Relationships 669 2 By: Dinamarie1

Would you get married with an immigrant just to help her/him to have a visa?

09/27/2012 Love & Relationships 651 5 By: Emiliequebec

Would you ever consider a pre arranged marriage?

09/26/2012 Love & Relationships 655 2 By: dawn22

7 Ways to Get Out of a Bad Date

09/24/2012 Love & Relationships 633 1 By: Tellwut

Do you think you should wait to have sex until marriage?

09/23/2012 Love & Relationships 503 5 By: maryellengracejames

Do you put some little love words in the lunch box of your significant other?

09/22/2012 Love & Relationships 544 1 By: Emiliequebec