Results for - Dad pumps 8 bullets into his daughter's laptop because of a Facebook post she made about her Dad. Dad makes YouTube video, gets over a million views.

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  • What is your view about the Dad's reaction?
    1. What is your view about the Dad's reaction?
    • This is abusive
      32% 46 votes
    • It's not abusive, but a bit over the top
      30% 43 votes
    • It's a harmless action to make a point
      23% 33 votes
    • Undecided
      8% 12 votes
    • Other (please specify)
      6% 9 votes
  • 2. Do you think this is a hoax for publicity or a real life situation?
    • It's a hoax
      51% 73 votes
    • It's real
      43% 62 votes
    • Other (please specify)
      6% 8 votes

02/10/2012 Love & Relationships 5


  • Tailspin101 profile photo
    Effective, but simply does not discourage temper tantrums....
    over 4 years
  • Ladynimue profile photo
    I thought it would teach his spoiled little brat a lesson. I would do it. My son kept setting fires when he was little until I took his favorite toy and doused it in lighter fluid and lit it up! We don't have a problem with him lighting fires anymore.
    over 4 years
  • froggy profile photo
    over 4 years
  • hotrodmommycharle profile photo
    this is just crazy i agree with you drew11
    over 4 years
  • drew11 profile photo
    over 4 years
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