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Is Artificial Intelligence better than a Medical Doctor?

05/24/2019 Technology 3091 43 By: Tellwut

How often do you play games on your cell phone?

05/24/2019 Technology 2225 22 Anonymous

Have you changed your winter tires yet?

05/22/2019 Technology 2660 40 By: smsmte1

TellWut Top Picks! Driving Edition

05/22/2019 Technology 3053 48 By: Tellwut

Which is your favorite streaming service?

05/21/2019 Technology 2240 26 By: surveygurl

Do you have a smartphone?

05/20/2019 Technology 2441 24 By: TristenPoon

Do you use the streaming app HULU for live TV?

05/20/2019 Technology 2356 17 By: marthahazardsmall

Do you get Robo calls in the middle of the night?

05/19/2019 Technology 2146 45 By: centurian