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Is there a scent that you strongly associate with Summer?

05/31/2018 Uncategorized 2710 174 Anonymous

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06/17/2018 Uncategorized 5184 36 Sponsored By: rateseer

Do you camp out in your backyard?

05/14/2018 Uncategorized 1510 24 By: ASIMEONE

What is your favorite meal of the day?

05/14/2018 Uncategorized 1352 14 By: FAIRMONT56

Have you ever been in a car accident ?

05/02/2018 Uncategorized 2403 39 By: katrina1

Do you have a particular event to look forward to this Spring?

03/14/2018 Uncategorized 2045 60 By: sdossan

Have you been to an International Food Festival?

03/13/2018 Uncategorized 2252 19 By: florencecua

Have you ever failed a driving test?

03/11/2018 Uncategorized 2031 42 By: dawn22

How do you like this t-shirt transfer?

03/08/2018 Uncategorized 245 20 By: cabinlady77


03/07/2018 Uncategorized 2882 33 By: dvtinker