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Do you go on a diet right after the holiday season?

12/28/2016 Food & Drink 1578 20 By: Kpoker28

Have you finished your holiday shopping?

12/23/2016 Seasons 2046 22 By: Kpoker28

Have you ever gotten drunk at a Work Christmas Dinner?

12/23/2016 Careers 2051 27 By: Kpoker28

Do you ever give Gift Cards as Christmas gifts?

12/17/2016 Seasons 1844 27 By: Kpoker28

Would you like to see snow on Christmas day?

12/17/2016 Seasons 1870 54 By: Kpoker28

Do you buy Christmas gifts for your co-workers?

12/06/2016 Seasons 2127 22 By: Kpoker28

Do you think that time seems to go by faster as we age?

11/28/2016 Living 1470 25 By: Kpoker28