Do you suffer from Nomophobia? That's fear of being separated from your phone.

3,678 voters participated in this survey

  • 1. Do you think you have Nomophobia?
    • Yes
      19% 686 votes
    • No
      75% 2,774 votes
    • Don't own a phone
      6% 218 votes
  • 2. If you were late for work/school and forgot your phone at home, would you turn around and head back?
    • Yes
      28% 1,030 votes
    • No
      66% 2,418 votes
    • Don't own a phone
      6% 230 votes
  • 3. If you went out for the evening and forgot your phone, would you give some excuse to leave early?
    • Yes
      16% 593 votes
    • No
      77% 2,848 votes
    • Don't own a phone
      6% 237 votes
  • 4. When you go to sleep at night do you…?
    • Keep your phone in your room, ringer and message notifier on
      25% 929 votes
    • Keep your phone in your room, but only have the phone ringer on
      12% 439 votes
    • Keep your phone in the room, but it’s on silent
      22% 803 votes
    • No, I don’t sleep with my phone
      32% 1,177 votes
    • Don’t own a phone
      7% 253 votes
    • Other (please specify)
      2% 77 votes
  • 5. If you wake up during the night, do you check your phone for messages?
    • Yes
      28% 1,016 votes
    • No
      66% 2,417 votes
    • Don't own a phone
      7% 245 votes
  • 6. Have you ever walked into someone while using your phone, texting, tweeting, etc?
    • Yes
      22% 814 votes
    • No
      71% 2,622 votes
    • Don't own a phone
      7% 242 votes
  • 7. Do you think Nomophobia is primarily an issue for the under 30 crowd?
    • Yes
      57% 2,096 votes
    • No
      42% 1,534 votes
    • Other (please specify)
      1% 48 votes
  • 8. What are the main reasons you need your phone?
    • Keeping in touch with my kids
      31% 1,150 votes
    • Staying on top of emails
      23% 834 votes
    • Texting/emailing friends
      43% 1,597 votes
    • Looking at my facebook account
      21% 759 votes
    • Organizing my social life
      14% 510 votes
    • Tweeting
      7% 260 votes
    • Phone calls
      62% 2,268 votes
    • Emergencies
      56% 2,052 votes
    • Taking pictures
      31% 1,144 votes
    • Other (please specify)
      6% 206 votes


  • rogerbar profile photo
    this survey makes you wonder
    over 3 years
  • Lexie123 profile photo
    I have my phone with me every where.
    over 3 years
  • Hart51 profile photo
    I only use cell phone for keeping in touch with my six children, I have one who lives on the East coast and one who lives on the west coast 2 still at home, and 2 that live around me.
    over 3 years
  • PsPups profile photo
    ban cells unless handsfree from cars especially ban texting & driving with a fine comparable to DUI.
    over 3 years
  • bettyrubble34 profile photo
    i have the opposite. i have to encouraged myself for weeks just to make a phone call. when someone says "call me sometime" it sends me into a panic. my friends think that i avoid them and i cannot even tell them about this as i did once with one friend and they just looked at me and said "just call me". thank god for email lol
    over 3 years
  • kimber77 profile photo
    Like my phone but probably don't use it as much as most people..
    over 4 years
  • ttkkbb profile photo
    I only use it if i have to who wants it plastered to their head not a good look
    over 4 years
  • rhirrel profile photo
    I have it, but I guess from the questions, not quite as bad as others who have it.
    over 4 years
  • lifeoflaura profile photo
    I use my phone to contact family and friends... By text or call. That's about it.
    over 4 years
  • JOLYN profile photo
    over 4 years
  • Lona profile photo
    I do not have this.
    over 4 years
  • Cinnicholson profile photo
    love my phone
    over 4 years
  • karlaboggs profile photo
    cell phones are ruining the world
    over 4 years
  • TurkishDelight profile photo
    I'm not attached to my phone. I use it for phone calls and an occasional text.
    over 4 years
  • seven profile photo
    It's just a phone. It doesn't rule my life.
    over 4 years
  • joanne profile photo
    I really think the younger generation are antisocial and in a bubble
    over 4 years
  • TammyG profile photo
    my teens use the phone more then i do
    over 4 years
  • lucybird profile photo
    over 4 years
  • fogelks profile photo
    enter text...
    over 4 years
  • josalm profile photo
    I don't use my phone other than call my family
    over 4 years
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