Family Business and Following in Parents' Footsteps

My grandfather started a family business decades ago, which my dad and several of his siblings worked at too until they sold it and retired. On the other side of my family, I come from a line of teachers - my mom, grandmother, great-grandmother (and most of her sisters) all taught at some point and so did I.

Have you ever worked in a business started by members of your family (generations before you)?

If you answered yes to #1, how many generations of your family have worked in this business?

Have you ever had the same career (not a family-business) as your parents or grandparents? This would be like if your mom/dad was an accountant and so was their dad/mom, etc.

If you answered 'yes' to #3, how many generations have worked in this field?

09/30/2018 Careers 1756 14 By: Emyjokep


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By: Emyjokep